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You can navigate around this site by clicking on any of the cartridges above, which will enable you to view the full range of products, services and facilities that Kynamco Limited has for the hunter, the collector and for commercial, industrial and non-sporting applications together with research and development facilities.

The 'KYNOCH' brand of Nitro-Express Cartridges manufactured by Kynamco Limited maintains the quality and reliability standards that made 'KYNOCH' the most respected name in Sporting Ammunition for over 100 years. Kynamco’s sporting ammunition credentials, established over the last two decades, are impecable.

Today, in addition to manufacturing most of the well-known British proprietary big game cartridges using modern components that duplicate the performance of the original ammunition, Kynamco also provide a varied range of services and products for non-hunting purposes including commercial, industrial, veterinary and other sporting applications.

Extensive hunting ammunition development has covered both the established ranges dating back to the turn of the century and manufacture of new developments such as the new Holland & Holland .700” NE and Rigby .450” Rimless NE cartridges. Much work, in close conjunction with the Proof Houses, has been devoted to duplicating original loads to ensure that, when fired from older guns, and particularly double rifles, new ‘KYNOCH’ ammunition does not necessitate the re-regulation for both grouping and point of aim. The choice of bullet has also been the subject of exhaustive testing, both for external and terminal ballistic performance, and 'KYNOCH' hunting ammunition is now standardised on Woodleigh soft nosed and solid bullets, recognised world wide as the most reliable big game bullets currently manufactured.

In its licensing of the 'KYNOCH' name from Eley Limited, Kynamco have adopted the full Eley Quality Assurance system.

Kynamco offers virtually the whole range of classic British Nitro Express from it's in a purpose-built factory which incorporates loading laboratories, workshops, temperature and humidity controlled storage and it’s own 100 metre, three lane range for proofing and testing the ammunition. This facility also enables customers to test the ammunition in their own guns and to store them when not on safari.

Kynamco also manufactures a wide range of special cartridges for commercial/industrial applications together with the manufacture of the famous S. W. Silver range of traditional recoil pads and the sales of a wide variety of shooting memorabilia.

Kynamco Limited is happy to offer invaluable advice to the reloader of English Big Game cartridges together with the supply of components.

The Old Railway Station, Station Road, Mildenhall, Suffolk IP28 7DT,
Tel: +44 (0)1638 711799            Fax: +44(0)1638 515251            E-Mail: sales@kynamco.co.uk

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