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Since re-introducing the 'KYNOCH' brand of Nitro-Express Cartridges, Kynamco Limited have maintained the quality and reliability standards that made 'KYNOCH' the most respected name in Sporting Ammunition for over 100 years, in association with Eley Limited, who have carried the oldest and most prestigious name in ammunition manufacturing for over 160 years. These two world famous names competed to establish the pre-eminence of British Sporting Cartridges during the heyday of big game shooting in Africa and India before the First World War, and developed with the English Trade the famous ranges of proprietary cartridges - Holland’s acclaimed belted Magnums, Rigby’s .416”, Westley’s .425”, Gibb’s .505” and Jeffery’s legendary .600” Nitro Express.

Following their amalgamation in 1922, in the aftermath of war, with all the other well known members of the UK ammunition and explosives trade under Nobel’s leadership, the Explosives Trade Ltd became Nobel Industries and a founder of ICI in 1926. The rationalisation of UK ammunition manufacture in the 1920’s saw the 'KYNOCH' name perpetuated as the brand name for metallic ammunition, while Eley became, as it still is, the brand name for sporting cartridges.

Diminishing demand, due to dwindling opportunity to use traditional big game calibre rifles, and reduction in military ammunition requirements which had always provided a base volume to keep production lines occupied led to cessation of manufacture of centrefire metallic sporting ammunition by IMI (Kynoch) in 1970. The more economically viable production of shotgun and rimfire ammunition continued when IMI became independent of ICI in 1977, and when the Ammunition Division became incorporated separately as Eley Limited in 1983. Since then the Eley name has become synonymous with the very highest quality and consistency of manufacture, its ‘Tenex’ rimfire ammunition being the most highly regarded brand and foremost Championship & Olympic medal winner worldwide.

Kynamco has established its sporting ammunition credentials over the last ten years by re-developing many of the well-known British proprietary big game cartridges for modern components, and manufacturing special runs of these cartridges from all new components for the British Trade for sale under their own house brands. Extensive development has covered both the established ranges dating back to the turn of the century and manufacture of new developments such as the new Holland & Holland .700” NE and Rigby .450” Rimless NE cartridges. All new tolling has been produced to draw cases from military specification brass stock to the original 'KYNOCH' drawings and dimensions, but with modern Boxer primers.

Much work has been devoted to duplicating original loads, which mostly used Cordite, by blending modern powders and testing in combination with ranges of primers to obtain both the correct internal and external ballistics. This work has been conducted in close conjunction with the Proof Houses, and naturally all new 'KYNOCH' ammunition as previously proofed in Birmingham. This development was conducted in parallel with much range work, firing the new loads in back to back testing with original IMI made Kynoch ammunition from the 1960’s. This ensure that, when fired from older guns, and particularly double rifles, originally regulated for Cordite loads, re-regulation for both grouping and point of aim is generally not required.

This careful research also ensures that the duplicate of original ballistics is delivered at lower breech pressures and with much cooler burning temperatures and consequently reduced lead erosion than with original ammunition. Additionally, climatic testing of complete cartridges and their packaging has also been undertaken in conjunction with the Royal Ordnance Factories, where samples have been successfully subjected to military accelerated ageing trials, simulating 10 year storage and handling/transportation cycle under climatic extremes of temperature and humidity ranging from Arctic to Tropical (-60° to +60°, 0 - 100% RH).

The choice of bullet for these loads was also the subject of exhaustive testing, both for external and terminal ballistic performance, and also to accommodate the extensive bore and rifling dimensional variations from published nominal standards that can frequently apply to older rifles. 'KYNOCH' ammunition is now standardised on Woodleigh soft nosed and solid bullets, which are recognised world wide as the most reliable big game bullets currently manufactured.

Having established a sound technical base and experience in the manufacture of these traditional cartridges through the limited range of proprietary calibres, Kynamco has now broadened the range available to encompass virtually the whole range of classic British Nitro Express cartridges from the golden age of big game shooting. At the same time, we have resurrected the most respected brand name, 'KYNOCH', acknowledged world wide as the originator of this ammunition. In licensing the 'KYNOCH' name from Eley Limited, Kynamco have adopted the full Eley Quality Assurance system, developed by Eley to ensure their world pre-eminent reputation for rim-fire precision target ammunition. Kynamco combine this with knowledge and experience of the British Gun Trade and their products from the view points of use in the field and practical African experience, of collection and restoration/repair/conversion of these exceptional weapons and determination to provide the means to keep British big game rifles shooting well past the century of the introduction of the Nitro Express Cartridge.

While keeping abreast with innovation the Kynoch Ammunition production has in the year 2000 moved into a purpose-built factory which incorporates new loading laboratories, workshops, temperature and humidity controlled storage and it’s own 100 metre 3 land range for proofing and testing the ammunition. This facility enables customers to test the ammunition in their own guns.