Non Sporting Applications

Kynamco offer a wide range of products for non-hunting applications, together with ballistic research and development facilites for industry, the armed forces, the police and many other organisations and applications.

Below are some examples of products in current production:

12 GAUGE BLACK POWDER SPORTING CARTRIDGES   12 Gauge Black Powder Sporting Cartridges loaded with 1 ¼ grains of No 6 shot.  Specially loaded to order for the hammer gun fraternity. 

BLANK AMMUNITION FOR RE-ENACTMENT AND FILM USE .22 black powder blanks .22 Black Powder Blanks
suitable for theatrical, re-enactment, cowboys, ignition systems. Be aware firing black powder cartridges can be corrosive to the weapons if not cleaned immediately and correctly.
.303 short blanks .303 Short Blank
Loaded with smokeless powder for use with the Enfield bolt action rifles. Non suitable for belt fed machine guns.
  9mm Win Mag blanks 9mm Win Mag Blank
9mm Parabellum Blank Cartridge for use in the blank firing modern re-enacting Sten guns and pistols. Loaded specially to operate the mechanism with a good report but not too powerful to cause damage to the weapons. (Not suitable for original weapons with muzzle restrictors.)
  .45 ACP blanks .45 ACP Blank
Loaded for the Tommy guns with muzzle restrictors and will operate the cocking mechanism and run on full auto. Also suitable for the 1911 Colts (you may have to have your pistol tuned to the ammunition by a gunsmith experienced in this area).


12 Gauge Yachting Blanks (Black Powder)
extra loud black powder blanks specially made for the yachting enthusiasts giving both a loud report and smoke. Also can be used in re-enacting where an insert has been put into a larger firing, breach loading weapon to give a loud report and some smoke.



22 red blanks


22 green blanks

.22 Red Blanks
specially made for the Accles & Shelvoke captive bolt humane slaughtering equipment.  Supplied in boxes of 1000.  Smaller numbers will be surcharged.  

.22 Green Blanks
specially made for the Accles & Shelvoke captive bolt humane slaughtering equipment.  Supplied in boxes of 1000.  Smaller numbers will be surcharged. 


.32/85 CK Cartridges with Jacketed Bullet
This cartridge is suitable for large bulls or any other large or heavy animal.

  .38 Special CK Cartridge
made to order only.
  .310 CK Cartridge
made especially for the Greener manufactured Bell guns and Pole guns.

WEAPONS FOR HUMANE DESTRUCTION 32 Single Shot Webley Humane pistol .32 Single Shot Webley Humane Pistol
single shot, break open pistol with angled muzzle, wood grips, barrel blacked and action colour hardened. We have a quantity of these pistols in stock. They are as new, re-proofed to modern standards.
  32 Accles & Shelvoke Humane Pistol .32 Accles & Shelvoke Humane Pistol
two shot magazine pistol. Second hand but re-furbished.
  .310 Greener Bell Gun .310 CK Greener Bell Gun
as new.

Ammunition is an expendable item with a maximum five to seven year shelf life. Although it will still fire quite often the power of the cartridge diminishes through time due to bad storage and handling. Keeping the ammunition in a vehicle is not good storage. The constant change of temperature especially in the winter can cause a propellant to degrade.

If your use of a humane killer is spasmodic date your box and check it’s condition for any type of corrosion to either case or bullet and replace regularly. We have had one or two cases recently where complaints have been made only to find the ammunition is more than 20 years old and well past by its use by date.