Kynamco’s investment in ammunition manufacturing has been considerable, with the fitting out of purpose built priming and loading areas, a new armoury and ammunition store (both temperature controlled), workshops, offices and a 100 metre indoor shooting range.

firing point
Firing point

view down range
View from firing point downrange

60m target   100m target
On left 60m target and on right 100m targets showing sand safety barrier behind

The three lane range beneath the building and extends for 100 metres. One lane is dedicated to proof and testing, the other two are set up to provide prone, standing or bench rest shooting positions. Targets are at 60 yards and 100 metres. There are cameras set up to record bullet strike with a monitor at the shooting point. The range firing point is heated and fully vented. The backstop is designed to take calibres up to 20 mm so weapons from .22 to .700 can be tested and zeroed.

chronograph     pressure gun
Left chronograph screens looking through to
pressure gun and computerised recording and
analysing equipment. Right rear view of
pressure gun and .50 cal. ammunition for testing.

pressure testing
Pressure testing gun set up ready for test.

Kynamco have range capacity that can be offered for hire to organisations, companies and individuals for zeroing, barrel regulating, ammunition testing and general practice. There are also workshop facilities available on a temporary basis for gunmakers who wish to regulate and re-test rifles. Kynamco staff will advise and undertake small gunsmithing work for customers mainly in the area of sights and fitting scopes, trigger work etc. Larger work can be arranged with local gunmakers.

ammunition storage
A section of the Kynoch 'Big Game' ammunition store.

Within the premises there is a large armoury, and a storage scheme is available for those who would like to deposit weapons on a temporary or more permanent basis. There is a special scheme for providing the shooting public with holiday storage.

Kynoch ammunition is manufactured and held on the premises and customers can check their rifle’s zeroing with new ammunition and select batches, which shoot particularly well and have a quantity stored for them to draw on in the future. Other brands of common ammunition are held as part of our service to the shooting public.

These facilities enable Kynamco to undertake velocity and pressure testing on a commercial basis in addition to other ballistic work. This facility is proving to be particularly useful to police forces, military and other specialist manufacturers as well as the private handloader. The facility also enables the production of runs of specialist ammunition for other manufacturers and private individuals.

The premises are situated within a mile of the A11 dual-carriageway and stand in 16 acres of grassland. These pleasant surroundings add to the enjoyment of visiting our site. We continue to offer the premium brand of Kynoch Ammunition as well as the above facilities giving a quality service to our customers.


Whenever I talk about range maintenance everybody either disappears or looks at their feet. Ever since I have been shooting it has been something that has to be done but nobody wants to do it. We here at Kynamco have a weekly clean up and replacement of lights, target frames, shovel the sand back into the back stop and most importantly vacuum the whole range with a hepa filtered vacuum cleaner. This exercise takes about 4 hours.

Once every quarter we have Back Stop Brian whose job is to dig out the back stop, sift the sand to remove any chunks and generally keep the back stop in good condition. This usually takes 1 to 1 ½ days.

I learnt the importance of keeping your back stop in good condition many years ago when an ex-military range I shot at was closed down for a time due to the back stop not being kept in good condition. The sand had turned into rocks because of the continual vibration and impact of the bullets and we were getting quite serious ricochets from those hard lumps. Also a build-up of lead and bullet debris created balls of hard material which again caused ricochet problems. Previously the only maintenance done on the back stop was by a family of rabbits who seemed to be quite happy to live at the bottom of the back stop and graze completely unconcerned on the grass in front of the back stop. To my knowledge they were never shot as it meant that somebody would have to mow the grass if the rabbits were removed.

However, going back to range maintenance. An indoor range has special requirements to meet the health and safety aspects. All shooting areas and floor, walls etc must be kept clean and free from any contamination caused by lead from the primers or bullets. Also the firing residue leaves a sticky surface if not regularly cleaned.

We pride ourselves in keeping the range in good condition and clean but I am still amazed after 50 years of shooting to see where bullets get to on the range. However, the real mystery is that nobody ever admits a wild shot. I think that some nights the shooting spirits have a bit of fun on their own!

David Little


Kynamco Limited have secure storage facilities that are available for clients guns etc. when not on safari.
Kynamco Limited can also offer invaluable advice to the reloader of English Big Game cartridges together with the supply of components.